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Naturally we use the best ingredients to create an Amalfi experience. We celebrate local and imported produce.

Colatura Di Cetara

The colatura di alici or anchovy extract is made in Cetara, a fishing village near Amalfi. It is made by artisans that have to follow a few precise rules so that the colatura will be perfect and guaranteed. This delicious fish sauce is used to flavour many things in our cucina.
After the alici are fished they are cleaned and placed in salt, after 24 hours, they're moved into a small wooden barrel in layers. The barrel is then closed and pressed with weights that over the months will allow the release of the liquid. When the colatura is ready a tiny whole is made in the bottom of the barrel and the colatura drips into its bottle.

Queensland Fish

Queensland and surrounding areas are blessed with an abundant bounty of the sea. Its coastal areas are beautiful to look at and a constant source of inspirational produce. Some of my favourite fish come from the region. Spanish mackerel, coral trout, barramundi, just to name a few.
I love working with such world-class produce in our kitchens.

Mozzarella di Buffala

Campagna is considered the home of buffalo milk mozzarella. Made from Mediterranean buffalo that are farm raised and cared for. It is an essential part of the Italian kitchen particularly in the southern regions. The thought of its creamy texture and salinity is making mouth water.
The unique milk is fuller and richer in flavour. We are so lucky to have local buffalo farms in Queensland and the artisans that know how to use it. It will be present at Settimo. 

In Vino Veritas

The truth is that our wine industry is world class in Australia. Settimo will be a bastion for the local industry show casing the best picks from across the country in particular Italian varietals. The list will work in harmony with a strong selection of Italian wines
with a focus on the south and Amalfi think Falerno, Aglianico, Biancolella and Falanghina.

Fremantle Octopus

I love working with this sustainable Australian fish. It is delicious when properly cooked and is endlessly versatile. In the Amalfi Coast, I have eaten it as a terrine served cold with a zesty potato salad, it had capers from Pantelleria
(another essential ingredient) and a dressing laced with colatura. It was like salami of the sea!